Monoculus peacock bass

Monoculus peacock bass


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Average 5cm.

Monoculus Peacock Bass are found living in the main stem of the Amazon River, mid to upper areas of the Rio Negro and in surrounding tributaries of both rivers. Monoculus Peacock Bass are distinguished visually by short vertical bars that do not extend below the lateral line and a long horizontal bar originating at the base of the pectoral fin (cheek marking). The main area of the body is yellow to gold in coloration, with a white under belly, black dorsal fin and tail fin that fades from yellow to orange. Juveniles are a more muted silver grey in color with less pronounced body markings. Mono’s are considered medium sized Peacock Bass species that range from 24 to 28 inches in length as an adult, which is generally larger than Orinoco Peacock Bass (cichla Orinoco) but smaller than Temensis Peacock Bass (cichla temensis).Mono’s are ambush hunters who prefer slightly calmer waters where they can find cover near plants, drift wood or rocky formations to lay in wait for prey items. The waters of their native Amazon, Rio Negro & Oyapock rivers are very warm year round with temperatures reaching upwards of 86 ° when the sun is at its peak, and with nighttime temperatures still hovering around the 80 ° mark. The waters conditions of their natural habitat are acidic with a pH range of 5.0 to 6.5 and a water hardness between 5 to 15 dH; as well as, fast flowing with a large volume of water passing down river daily. Cichla monoculus have evolved perfectly for their environment with color patterns enabling them to blend into their environment, long sleek bodies and powerful pectoral and anal fins, which they use to maintain ambush positions in flowing river waters and ambush prey. Monoculus Peacock Bass are becoming much more available within the aquarium hobby as their size, pattern, coloration and aggressive feeding habits have made them very popular with aquarium hobbyists interested in keeping larger New World Cichlid species. As the popularity of Peacock Bass has grown within the aquarium hobby, breeders have been busy with propagating Cichla to fill the demand. Unfortunately most breeders do not attempt to maintain the pureness of each species and instead cross breed multiple species of Peacock Bass which has led to an abundance of hybrids being sold to aquarium hobbyists.

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